Our greatest resource are our team members; check them out below: 


Basil Sabu

Structural Engineer

Basil is fuelled by his passion for civil and structural engineering. He is a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations and stays in tune with the latest analysis and design strategies. He is patient, hard-working, energetic, and adaptive. Long drives, trekking and athletics are his hobbies apart from work.

Sebastian Masset

Civil Engineer

Sebastian’s strong interest in engineering, construction, innovation and digital technology and the range of diverse roles he has carried out have made him one of the pillars in our company. Outside of work he’s equally busy with surfing, gardening and web development.

Nilushi Samarakoon

Quantity Surveyor

A real team motivator, our Quantity Surveyor's ambition and energy inevitably spill over to everyone around her. Nilushi's high level of professionalism is evident in her broad contract management experience. The outlets for her artistic flair are photography, drawing and painting. 

Marcus Koll

Civil Engineer

An outdoor enthusiast, Marcus is a Senior Engineer of our team, providing extensive experience and expertise within utility infrastructure. He’s a well-known face for his wealth of successfully engineered projects, including managing the Gisborne water supply.

Thomas Omundsen

CAD Draughtsman

The CAD guru at Civil Assist, Thomas is a master of computers and IT software. A predominantly self-taught problem-solver with the patience of a saint. Thomas is a perfect example of young talent finding his place in an area that he is passionate about.

John Wells

Senior Civil and Structural Engineer

If experience and knowledge about civil and structural engineering could be summarised in one word, it would be John. With over 50 years in the industry, John keeps extending his career in new, exciting projects, and takes off skiing whenever he gets the chance.

Rajeeth Ambikaipakan

Geotechnical Engineer

With a passion for cricket, you will find Rajeeth down at the oval most weekends! Rajeeth has a passion for all things geotechnical and brings a high level of technical expertise to the team. Rajeeth has a wealth of experience across both small subdivision geotechnical work through to large multi-million-dollar sub-surface projects. Rajeeth's energy is contagious and will drive your project to success.

Zaria Weatherhead

Project Manager

Zaria's key to her successful project outcomes is to always put the customer first. When not zooming around on the electric scooter inspecting our footpaths, drafting contract documents, or managing contracts, she’s likely to have her nose stuck in a book; she’s an engine that never stops!

Luca Barone

Project Manager

Fighting climate change and eradicating the unnecessary plastic that fills up more and more of our environment are Luca's passions. When he’s not managing multiple projects, Luca can be seen running, biking or tending to his veges.

Renzo Sanguinetti

Civil Engineering Technician

Always happy and optimistic, focused on innovation and sustainability, Renzo constantly keeps himself surrounded by new ideas. Renzo has experience in management, design and installation of mechanical and engineering projects and is constantly learning new skills. In love with the beach you will find him swimming or playing his guitar.

Andrew Lawton


The calm, cool and collected Captain of the Civil Assist Team, Andrew has a strong focus on the environment and doing what is right. Andrew’s goal is to make a real difference, this is what drives him.