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Our geotechnical drilling rig is both powerful and versatile, able to drill to significant depth, taking SPT's and core samples. It has remote tramming, rubber tracks and is compact, so perfect for technical jobs with difficult site access. The wireline winch makes  for very efficient sampling. 


Civil Assist have a team of geotechnical engineers, able to assist and with schedule your testing requirements and analysis. 

Talk to the team about your drilling needs.

  • Hydraulic SPT Hammer

  • 8000kg Pull Back / 4000kg Pull Down

  • Piezometer Installation

  • Inclinometer Installation

  • Borehole Coring and Logging

  • SPT - Standard Penetration Tests

  • Push Tube Samples

  • Water Quality Sampling

  •  Wireless Remote Tramming 

  • Rubber Tracks

  • Dust Motor Rotator Head

  • Wireline Winch

  • Top Head Drive

  • 140LPM Variable Volume Water Pump

  • Hydraulically operated Rod Basket

  • Rod Guard with Interlock

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